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Hi! Thanks for visiting me in cyberland! I'm Keith Caserta, an author of science fiction based on carefully considered projections of real science and engineering into stories that take place in the near or far future. My particular niche is hard scifi with a romantic and philosophical twist, which adds a flavor of excitement, meaning and personal depth to the technology of the story. I try to tell stories that focus on the beings (human or otherwise), what’s happening to them as a result of the influence of technology or evolving or new social norms on their lives, what this means to them personally (deep inside), and what they learn about some critical question about existence that’s important to all of us.

For example, in my book Soul Searching, the technology involves the birth of a superintelligent machine and a novel way that it interacts with people. The underlying philosophical question is whether or not science and scientific methods could be used to answer theological questions. The story is told through the supermachine’s interaction with two college coeds and the profound affect it has on their lives and relationships.

In my new book, Galactic Shadows, available now, and its follow-on novel, Not in our Stars, available December 1, 2014, the philosophical question is whether or not we truly have free will. The story is told through a clash of technologies and civilizations. And at its heart, in Not in Our Stars, is a story of two aliens' struggle to adapt to Earth.

So join me by reading my books, weighing in on my blogs, and helping me create even stronger works in the future. I promise to consider any suggestions you make.

My best to you – I hope you have fun with my stuff!
-       Keith
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