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About My Family

I'm a husband, father, stepfather and grandfather. I'm also a son, brother, uncle, great uncle - and so on through my [rather large] family. My wife of 14 years, Bobbie (yeh, her "formal" name is Roberta Caserta - how's that for rhyming?!), and I live in Symmes Township a northeast suburb of Cincinnati, not too far from Kings Island. We also have a villa in North Myrtle Beach. My stepdaughter, Anna, is still at home. I have four older children. The oldest, Keith II, who lives about 30 miles from Columbus, Ohio, runs what is probably the largest pigeon sales site on the Internet. He ships hundreds to thousands of birds each week (through the post office - can you believe it?!).

Number two son, Kevin, is a physician whose speciality is Physiatry (Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation). In addition, he's Director of Medicine at Providence Centralia Hospital, near Olympia, Washington and Providence St. Peter's Hospital, in Olympia. His wife, Jennifer, is a Pediatrician. They have my first two grandchildren, Joseph - born in 2007, and Elise - born in 2009.

Nick is number three son. He lives in Fairfield, Ohio. He's a trainer for Bravo's Italian Restaurant and the head bartender for their restaurant in West Chester, Ohio. Nick's also back in school to get a Finance degree.

My daughter, Jennifer (yes, we have two Jennifers!) and her husband, Greg, are are proud parents of  a boy - Logan, born in October, 2011, and Ceciia (Cece) born in February, 2014. Prior to the the children, Jennifer did business process reengineering. Greg is an IT professional. They also live in the Cincinnati suburb of Fairfield.

I have a slightly younger brother, Kent, who's a dentist and a forensic dentist, and a much younger sister, Kim, who's a business woman and a nurse, 

My Dad is one of twelve children in a big, Italian family, but my Mom was an only child. I have 43 first cousins on my Dad's side (including my Soul Searching editor, Teresa Virgint), but none on my Mom's.

Family is important to me, so I wanted you to know a little about them.

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