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Well, here's the "official" publisher's version - skip to the next paragraph if you want: Keith Caserta has been a pioneer in scientific computing since the early 1970s. He’s designed analog and digital instruments, digital hardware, and software. He’s developed information systems for business and R&D. He wrote and published the world’s first floating point and curve-fitting math package for microprocessors. With a colleague, he invented laboratory robotics and one of his groups went on to produce the world’s first publication in this area. He also created the concept of electronic lab notebooks, and was first in the world to apply leading-edge document management and product lifecycle software to upstream R&D. He lead development of the entire computing environment for pharmaceutical R&D. Keith has a B.S. degree in Chemistry from the University of Dayton (1970) and a Ph.D. in Analytical Chemistry from Michigan State University (1974). His subspecialty is research computing. He was a scientist/executive for a very large consumer products company in Cincinnati for over 36 years, before retiring in 2010. He has three grown sons, a grown daughter, and a grown stepdaughter, with four grandchildren and one on the way. He enjoys writing, reading, travel, cooking, home remodeling and small-scale woodworking. He lives with his lovely wife of fourteen years, Bobbie, and his stepdaughter in Cincinnati’s Northeast suburb of Symmes Township, or at their second home in North Myrtle Beach, SC. Galactic Shadows is his newest novel.

On the other hand, you may be more interested in why you should pay any attention to (read that as BUY) my books. First of all, I've loved science fiction since 2nd grade - that's a big deal because I'm not exactly a spring chicken (meaning, I'm older), so that was a long time ago - way before it was shortened to "SciFi." I've always loved to write - especially thanks to Sister Rosaire (now Sister Virginia - times change, I guess) who really drilled writing basics and discipline to write well into me in 9th grade. Sister Amadeus (still Sister Amadeus - I'll admit I don't understand how that works) nailed me to the wall with a [now greatly appreciated] grammar course my senior year in high school. Finally, Kristin Lauer brought out my creative side at the University of Dayton. So what did I do? I spent the next 43 years writing scientific and business stuff. Hmmm ...

Well, grad school and my 36+ years as a scientist/executive made me live science - almost everything. So I learned a lifetime's worth about what scientists do and how they do it. I was there at the beginning of the high tech revolution and lived most of my professional life through it - hardware and software tech, and biotech.

I've always had a romantic side, so I guess I never fit into that "nerd" mold. In fact, I've liked girls since Linda Russell in kindergarten. So when I write, there's gonna be some romance in there - and I don't mean just in passing. Wait 'til you read Not in Our Stars (available November, 2014), and you'll really see what I mean. But I like the gentle romance and genuine affection in Soul Searching (another shameless plug for the book), and the growing romance in Galactic Shadows.

One more thing to add, and you'll have a pretty good idea why I write what I do. I have a burning interest in what makes the universe (or multiverse) tick, if there's a point behind it, and how we might, in the 21st century, put our finger on it a little bit and be able to say: "yeh ... that sounds like it might be right". So my books will have a theme related to that - it's the human soul in Soul Searching (who would ever have guessed?) and it's free will in Galactic Shadows and Not in our Stars.

So there it is. When you read my stuff, you'll get well-written (I'm told), good science, romance, and something to think about - hopefully in a way you haven't thought about it before!

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